Nailsea Win At Home In Blowout Against Speedwell (72 - 30)

February 14, 2007 on 11:21 pm | In General

In one of the largest margin victories of the season, Nailsea beat Speedwell in their penultimate match of the season. Backed by an extremely loud Nailsea Basketball crowd, equipped with drums and banners, the Nailsea team pulled away in the second half after a relatively slow opening two quarters. The Nailsea team went into half time with a 25 - 15 lead, but pulled away with a 28 point third quarter and 19 point final quarter. Again, Nailsea’s defense was key in this game, holding the visiting Speedwell team to 15 points in both halves and stiffling the Speedwell offense before they could make much impact. MVP for the game went to Nick Oldfield.

Stats and coach’s corner to follow soon. Big thanks to the WAGs and parents for their excellent support! Si

Quick Glance Game Stats:

Nailsea Closes out Tough Road Game to Stay Atop League Standings

February 14, 2007 on 6:38 pm | In General

On February 7th 2007, Nailsea’s last away game of the regular season was played out against a hungry Trowbridge side, looking for an upset win over the league leaders.

Playing without defensive mainstays Brian Gleeson and Nick Oldfield the remaining Nailsea players would have to step up defensively to ensure the victory.

From the tip off Nailsea looked a step slow, applying little defensive pressure and being beaten on the boards by the energetic Trowbridge team. Offensively forward Jon Moore carried the load, taking advantage of the smaller home team to score inside baskets, Moore finished as top scorer with sixteen points. With the clock winding down on the first quarter Nailsea were down, 14-17, but were granted a reprieve as point guard Marcus Driver was fouled on his buzzer beating three point attempt. All three foul shots were converted and the first period ended with the score tied at seventeen.

Trowbridge looked to capitalise on their promising start, continuing to exploit Nailsea’s defensive weakness and lacklustre rebounding to score baskets in the paint. Despite switching from a zone defense to a man to man approach Nailsea found themselves unable to stem the tide of the Trowbridge offense. Guard Driver was unable to maintain his first quarter form and found himself stripped of the ball by the opposing point guard on three separate occasions; each leading to a fast break bucket for the home team. A disappointing first half saw Nailsea six points down at the half.

Following a short break Nailsea took the floor to begin the second half with coach/captain Jason Boulton on the court for the first time in the game in the hope of bolstering the team at both ends of the floor. Things would get worse before they got better however, Nailsea sinking to a ten point deficit during the third. Eventually the team rallied behind Boulton to reduce Trowbridge’s lead to three before the final quarter. Nailsea’s defense began to look more solid and produced a number of fast break scoring opportunities; guard Jake Watkins converting on a number of drives to the basket.

With only the final quarter remaining and still trailing by three points Nailsea had work to do to come away with the win. The home side seemed tired and demoralised by Nailsea’s come back, but knew that there was everything to play for. Nailsea continued to work hard on the defensive end, forcing turnovers and capitalising on missed shots by the home team. For much of the fourth quarter the teams were within one or two points of each other and the pressure of each possession saw mistakes being made by both teams. With four minutes left in the game Nailsea took the lead for good, this seemed to act as a breaking point for Trowbridge, who quickly found themselves eight points behind. The final score stood at 62-54. The second half efforts of captain Jason Boulton earned him MVP honours for the game, scoring eleven points but also anchoring the defense and providing more structure to the offense.

Nailsea now has just two regular season games remaining, both at home. Winning both would secure the top slot in the league and give the team the best possible chance in the playoff rounds.

Nailsea Beat Trowbridge Away, 62 - 54

February 11, 2007 on 9:12 pm | In General

After a slow first half, Nailsea came back from a 10 point defecit to secure a victory over the hungry Trowbridge team. The final score was 62 - 54 with captain Jason Boulton coming on in the second half to help the Nailsea team claw the game back and securing himself MVP for the game. Jon Moore had a strong inside game while the team all pulled together with their signature tough defense, helping to turn the ball over and score some fast break baskets. Stats and coaches corner to follow.

Get behind the Nailsea team as they head into their penultimate game of the regular season, at home on Wednesday 14th February, against Speedwell.

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