Nailsea Nighthawks Basketball Team, Men's (16+), WEBBA


History Of The Team

Nailsea Nighthawks Basketball (previously known simply as Nailsea Basketball) compete in the West of England Menís basketball league. After playing casually as a group of aspiring players, we joined the WEBBA league in 2006-07 in Division 3, and during our inaugural season won 15 games and lost only 1, finishing top of the Division. We went on to win the play-offs, and earned ourselves some lovely silverware together with a promotion to Division 2. In 2007-08, Nailsea finished second place in Division 2 with a record of 10 wins and 4 losses, but went on to win the play-offs to secure the championship title for the second year in a row, and a subsequent promotion to Division 1.

In 0809 Nailsea entered two teams into the WEBBA leagues due to the ever-growing size of the club and an influx of new players. The 1st team entered Division 1, and the newly formed 2nd team entered Division 3. Both teams finished mid table and showed some solid improvements throughout the year, especially considering the challenges they faced entering these divisions.

In the 0910 season the club remained as two teams. The 1st team finished with a record of 10 - 10 in Division 1, closing out the season with an excellent win against the league winners, The Cavs, winning 70 - 56. The 2nd team finished mid table in Division 3 with a record of 8 - 12.

In 1011 the Nailsea 1st team re-located to Winterbourne and Nailsea remained as a single team in Division 3. We had an influx of new players and a change in the structure of the team during this period and so have remained in this division since. More recently the league structure was changed and so we are now in Division 2. The team name was changed to Nailsea Nighthawks in 1617.

Key Information

Some key information about the club:

  • During the summer (May, June, July) we have a more casual 1-hour session each week to stay active and to give new players a chance to play and potentially look to join the team. Summer training sessions run 8.00 - 9.00pm

  • Full 2-hour training sessions for the 1617 season take place in August and September. 7.30 - 9.30pm.

  • Please see our message board for more information.

  • All training sessions will take place on Wednesday evenings at the (fairly) newly built Nailsea School Sports Halls.

  • During the season training will take place every week unless there is a home game, please check the fixtures page for details.

  • Home games will be held on a Wednesday at Nailsea School with a 7.45pm tip-off time.

  • Training sessions include a variety of offensive and defensive drills, work on shooting, individual skills and team play, and a 5 on 5 scrimmage later in the session.


Costs for 1819 Season

  • £30 league registration fee if you are playing games during the season

  • Adults = £35 / month (£5 discount if paid by DD or in the month it's due, making it £30/month)

  • Juniors under 18 = £27.50 / month (£5 discount if paid by DD or in the month it's due, making it £22.50/month)

  • Training sessions only

    • £5 per session or £20/month

    • £5 discount if paying for the month as a whole in the month that it's due (i.e. £15/month if paid on time)


How to Find Us

Nailsea School Sports Hall
Mizzymead Road
BS48 2HN




Secretary: Brian Gleeson
coach and Treasurer: Matt Nice
Publicity Officer / Website: Simon Baker
Fixtures Officer: Mike Chester
Stats: Simon Baker
Referee: Brian Gleeson

For more information please contact:

simon (at)
(turn it in to a normal email address, this is just an anti-spam measure)



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