AGM Minutes 2020

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AGM Minutes 2020

Postby Brian » 07 Aug 2020, 13:33

Held on Sunday 2nd August 9:00 on Zoom

Present: Brian, Matt N, Rich, Matt V, Ellis, Tomasz
Apologies: Pat, Liam Connor

Can we play?
Basketball England (BE) have confirmed that BB has moved to Phase 2 where both indoor and outdoor training is possible, with restriction on cleaning and contact. Also matches can be played, closed to spectators and with some further restrictions to reduce contact. It's still a bit woolly but will become clearer (possibly). Matt N attended one of the BE Webinars and he and Rich have been monitoring BE website for further info. Finding a venue is still a challenge. Our plan is to follow these stages:
1. Try and find a venue for practice session ( controlled and limited-contact ). To that end:
Matt N - will contact Nailsea school for clarification of their plans
Brian - Scotch Horn - UPDATE: The Scotch Horn sports hall has been converted to a gym while the gym is refurbished. This should complete end August. We will need to contact again to find out the position then. They plan no additional restrictions other than those imposed by government
Rich - has been in touch with 2 courts in Weston who plan to open for BB. He will try and confirm whether we can get a slot
2. As guidance allows open up to contact basketball
3. Join in competitive matches as WEBBA opens up
For training sessions we would need to operate a bubble ( possibly a maximum of 30 ) for whom we would have contact details. We would not be able to allow people to turn up on spec.

Who's playing?
Current indications at least for training are:
Open for training: Matt V, Matt N, Ellis, Rich, Lucas, Pat ( till March 21 ), Liam ( work allowing )
Not playing: Brian, Tomasz ( may return in future ), Connor ( leaving club )
The remainder are not known. We need to contact all other players to confirm their plans and to collect any kit. Brian will follow this up

Code of conduct
There was one challenge on the code of conduct, Motion to amend wording from:
"Private messages to the coach, WhatsApp group etc are irrelevant. The app must be kept up to date"
"Availability for matches must be registered at least 7 days prior to the match date to ensure being picked. Changes to that availability should be by contact ( email, message, call) with the coach and the Instateam app updated accordingly"
Proposed Brian, Seconded Matt V - carried unanimously

Further noted that the code of conduct would be reviewed at the AGM each year and that it would be printed and given to every player to sign as part of the process by which his details for registration were submitted. The amended document will be posted to the members area of the website

Election of Officers

Secretary: This role is to be split into Secretary and Assistant secretary. Rich and Matt V volunteered ( with some encouragement ) to take on the positions and to adjust the responsibilities. Proposed Matt N, seconded Ellis - carried unanimously
Coach: Matt N with Matt V acting as assistant coach
Treasurer: Matt N
Instateam/facebook - Rich
Publicity: Simon (in absentia)
Court Booking: Brian to check whether Mike will continue - if not will fall to secretary/assistant role
Referee: Ellis Proposed Matt V, seconded Rich - carried unanimously
Table: Gail
Events: Matt V
Protection and Discipline: Matt N. Proposed Matt V, seconded Ellis- carried unanimously

A proposed breakdown will be posted separately on the members area of the website.


The club has funds of £550.26 ( including £85 subs outstanding ). This is a loss of £260 on last year mainly due to an increase in referee costs ( £10 per match ), Table fees ( voted in last AGM - plus using a regular paid timekeeper )

There is scope to purchase some equipment ( non-touch thermometer, anti-viral wipes ) for resumption of training

Meeting closed about 9:15

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