AGM minutes - 2018

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AGM minutes - 2018

Postby Brian » 05 Jul 2018, 13:31

4th July 2018 - 7:20 ( sorry I was delayed )

Present: Mike, Matt N, Simon, Brian, Tomasz, Rich

Election of officials:
All club officers present agreed to continue is existing roles with the provisos below. Positions are

Chair - vacant ( think it might have been Lewis but is not essential )
Treasurer - Matt N
Secretary - Brian
Court Hire - Mike
Web/Publicity and assistant haranguing officer - Simon
Events - vacant ( was Matt V but little happened )
Coach - Matt N
Referee - Brian

Communication and commitment
Last season we had to reschedule 5 matches and forfeit 2. Each of these incurred a fine of £20 ( increased to £30 if less than 72 hours notice is given ). We had some long term injuries but this is still pathetic given 15 registered players. It is vital that players look at the fixtures as soon as they are provided and identify any that they cannot make as soon as possible. Load them to your calendars at once and try and arrange other events around them. If you know you have a dance class on Thursday or you have to get pissed on a Friday, say so up front so we can manage the fixtures. We will be providing an app so that everyone can confirm availability in advance/ receive reminders etc . If we have to cancel and rearrange too many games, we will withdraw from the league.

Brian will complete Nailsea ref commitments for this season. If no other team member takes a referee course this year, this will be his last year refereeing for Nailsea in WEBBA. No team is allowed in the league without a ref. This doesn't mean that those who do the Grade 1 course have to become WEBBA refs: they may choose to ( WEBBA have a programme to gently introduce refs and provide experienced support ), but it's a good idea to know the rules regardless. Again - this is showing commitment to the team and the sport.

We could use new kit as we have too many baggy shorts and tight vests. All team members are encouraged to approach local businesses to gauge interest. The plan would be to have a core kit with an option for team members to buy their own personalised kit ( with names and shit because that's apparently what people do these days ). Rich offered to check out some options: everyone is encouraged to check out what may be available.

Several players are behind ( some significantly ) with their subs. Club funds have been stretched as a result and it places an unfair burden on Matt Nice ( by name and nature ) to chase. A motion was passed ( proposed Matt N, seconded Brian, carried unanimously ) that all subs will have to be paid in the month they are due or a £5 fine will be imposed. Serial offenders may be de-selected from the match roster. Our preferred method of payment is monthly standing order, but monthly cash is OK if paid on time. If players have known availability issues, then a reduced monthly payment is preferred to pay as you play. Pay as you play should only be available in extreme circumstances. This is because:
    It is almost impossible to work out the season budget without committed regular payments
    It ensures funds are available up front to run the club
    It is far less likely to cause arrears and the ensuing problems of players building up large debts
    It encourages commitment
If players have long term injury of availability issues, then regular payments can be reduced or stopped in consultation with the treasurer

WEBBA development fund
WEBBA has a pot of cash for basketball development. Brian will approach them to ask funding to subsidise the cost of junior membership. This is to remove the financial burden on parents and encourage more juniors to join the team ( and offset the disadvantage of having Brian swear at them all the time ).
Please contact Brian if you can think of any other purposes for which we might approach WEBBA for financial support. They are keen to support anything which promotes the sport in this area.

AGM closed in time to get boots on for scrimmage. Phew!

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Postby Jez » 05 Jul 2018, 14:01

Just a word to the wise from the interfering: I'd insist on standing orders and don't give the option of cash if I were you.
Players have to set it up once and then that's the end of it. Bundles of cash on training night are hard to allocate to the correct player when a couple of post-game pints have been imbibed and can easily be spent on those very pints before you know what's happening.
I've been treasured by several clubs and know of what I speak. If you like Matt then take a load off, set up the standing order and give him an easier run of it. If you don't, stay with cash but pay him exclusively in coppers.
If you must take cash then put an extra £2 on subs delivered by that means in order to at least provide a disincentive.

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Postby Brian » 05 Jul 2018, 14:43

Thanks Jez, that's a good point and one that was discussed. Most were of the view that DD should be imposed but Matt was happy to have cash as long as it was paid in the month to which it applied. The disincentive is there in a £5 fine if you are late. We are going to be much more vigorous in supporting Matt in this matter this year. Serial offenders will be subject to special measures - and you know how much that hurts ;)

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Postby Simon » 05 Jul 2018, 21:24

I’ve moved this to the general area as not everyone on the team has a forum account and so wouldn’t have been able to read it without signing up and then me moving them in to the active members list. No excuses for people not to read it now :)

Thanks for taking and posting the minutes Brian

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