AGM notes and minutes 2016

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AGM notes and minutes 2016

Postby Simon » 09 Jun 2016, 15:02

copied from the old forum, courtesy of Brian

Brief minutes from the AGM

Attending: Lewis Matt V Matt N Brian Mike Simon Ben Pete Jon-Luke Jack
Apologies: Adrian Tim

Treasurer's Report - we are about £120 up on the year assuming dues are paid up to date. Bit hard to judge exactly with the summer training currently running at a loss. Still healthy funds from past years. Details will be posted separately

Coach's Report - bit of a nightmare finishing bottom of the league with just the one win in the league and one in the trophy. Lots of new players brought challenges that now have to be turned into opportunities. Generally attitude was positive and supportive but see later. Brian is stepping down as coach next year so that he can relax a little in the last couple of decades of his playing career.

Elections ( mainly carried unanimously or just a grunt and a shrug )

Chair - post removed as there is no clear role and Lewis is stepping down
Secretary role being split down
- Brian ( registrations and team contact )
- Jon-Luke ( Team Liaison - confirmations of availability, team lists etc )
- Simon/Ben ( Stats )
Treasurer - Matt N
Publicity/Web - Simon
Court Booking - Mike ( possibly handing over to another - was that Matt V? )
Events - Matt V
Coach - Still up in the air. Brian will look out for possible coaches. Matt N & Simon said they'd do some sessions. Generally accepted that it's hard to play and coach if you want to do it properly and no one is ready to give up playing. Let's see what the summer brings

Going to possibly change web host as it is getting expensive. maybe switch to Facebook group/ WhatsApp

Keep existing kit - please try and return it asap

Voted to change the name to Nailsea something or other - see separate post

Looking into getting T shirts with new name and logo

Enter WEBBA league and Trophy but not cup

Training - starting at 7:30 sharp - punishment for late arrivers

Ethos - here we go. Generally positive and new players pleased that they got time on court and feel part of the club ( evidenced by good attendance at AGM ). But we have to keep positive and cut out the moans and groans when people screw up. That said, complacency is a risk and we all have to work to improve our game and fitness. Training needs to focus on the basics and organisation of attack. Less scrimmage: more drills with the ball. In addition, there was a general acceptance that we have to play to win. If that is sometimes at the cost of time on the court, then so be it. But we all joined to play so we don't want to pitch up each week to see others win or lose on our behalf. There was no vote on this but I took the vibe to be that we wanted to push ourselves to earn the right to be out there. Ultimately, the coach will set the rules when we find him.

That's my notes. Please post up any places where you think I got it wrong or missed something of note.

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